The energy industry sector is going through a complex period due to the economic and financial crisis, deficit and price fluctuations. In this context the development of efficient and innovative communication strategies and the generation of new business opportunities are key factors to ensure the competitiveness of the companies in the sector. 

The transformation towards customer-focused business strategies, as well as touch points and customer experience optimisation are some of the tactical steps to be taken by companies in the sector. 

What can we do for you?

Market and competition analysis

Definition of strategic and tactical objectives, performance indicators and KPIs

Multiple customer segmentation models adapted to the needs of each organisation

Streamlining the conversion funnel

Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) expansion strategies

Customer scoring

Predictive sales analysis and market forecasting

Customer Engagement action plans

Customer retention and loyalty models

Customer experience optimisation in the digital and/or physical environment

Definition of attribution models

Customer Analytics: Identification of insights and comprehensive customer knowledge

Optimisation of communication channels and touch points

Strategic plans and implementation of digitisation strategies

Go-to-market strategies

Customer Journey Map

Customer-centric strategies

Action plans for the generation of business opportunities

Positioning and brand identity analysis