Customer Intelligence & Analytics

Our services include any customer data capture solution, data enrichment and its analysis in order to define successful action plans. Knowing the consumer’s opinion and analyzing his behavior is essential to place him at the center of the strategy and to improve the value and commercial proposal.

Some of our solutions:

Voice of the Customer

Market Research

Segmentation Models

Customer Life Time Value


Predictive Sales Analysis

Data visualisation

Customer Engagement

Shopping Cart Analysis

Customer Strategy & Business Activation

We move from strategy to action by designing operational plans and defining the key indicators to be followed. To do so, we explore market data, analyse the essential attributes of each target segment, study trends and competitors’ positioning in order to adapt our proposals to market opportunities.

Some of our solutions:

Definition of Strategic and Tactical Objectives

Indicators & KPIs

Customer Fidelity Models

Segmentation Strategy

Action Drivers

Definition of Attribution Models

Go-to-Market Strategies

Customer Experience

Improving the customer experience influences 60% of the cases when choosing between options, increases customer spending by 50%, reduces the abandonment rate by 10% and increases recommendation by 60%. At Kale, we apply analytical models to transform the customer experience to increase trial and engagement.

Some of our solutions:

Customer Journey

Customer Journey Map

Customer Experience Optimisation

Data-Driven Transformation

We explore companies’ situation in terms of customer data-driven processes, identify development paths and implement the necessary guidelines to become customer oriented in a highly competitive and dynamic digital environment.

Some of our solutions:

Analysis of the Digital Ecosystem Focused on Marketing and Sales

Customer Centricity and Data Audits

Development Paths