The healthcare sector has specific needs that differ from those of any other business sector. Because of this, it is essential to understand the essence and requirements of this particular market, which is currently shaped by the transformation of marketing models and points of sale as well as the impossibility to sale certain products due to the global pandemic. Customer relationship channels have also transformed, now involving new consumer systems and touch points, such as the emergence of telemedicine.  

Kale has worked with many healthcare companies, developing services and solutions adapted to the peculiarities of the sector. Our experience collaborating with healthcare organisations gives us a broad understanding of the processes, methodologies and needs of the healthcare sector. We specialise in the development of new digital assets and healthcare access digitisation processes.   

What can we do for you? 

Optimisation of channels and touch points

Development of more effective external communication and marketing strategies

Action plans for sell-out dynamisation

Improving customer experiences and omni-experience strategies

Customer satisfaction analysis models

Traffic analysis and operations management on web platforms

Data visualisation

Digital transformation strategies in commercialisation and segmentation processes

Customer Data Platform (CDP)