The retail and e-commerce market is currently shaped by high competitiveness, increasing supply, price fluctuation and globalisation. In addition, communication, marketing and sales strategies are playing an increasingly important role within companies’ activity. Business productivity can no longer be conceived without considering holistic customer experiences.   

At Kale we are experts in omni-experience, commercial, marketing and differentiation strategies. We guide retail companies towards generating value through business intelligence. We also help them implement customer-centric strategies and leverage data and deep customer knowledge to create innovative experiences, both in the digital and physical ecosystem. 

What can we do for you? 

Data analytics and insights

Forecasting and prediction of future trends through predictive analysis models

In-depth knowledge of the customer, their behaviour, needs and consumption habits based on the collection of insights

Customer Analytics

Optimisation of communication channels and touch points in the digital and/or physical environment

Integral business intelligence and reporting strategies adapted to customer needs

Knowledge and optimisation of the shopping experience and the customer experience

Omni-channel and omni-experience strategies

Customer segmentation models adapted to the demands of the industry

Optimisation of communication channels and touch points in the digital or physical ecosystem

Sales intelligence models

Definition of buyer personas, target customers, strategic customers and buyer personas

Analysis of the diversification and concentration of the customer portfolio

Customer-centric strategies and customer intelligence

Predictive sales analytics

Shopping cart analysis

Customer scoring and customer clustering

Active listening to the voice of the customer (VoC)

Go-to-market strategies

Customer Journey & Customer Journey Map

Action plans for lead generation

Cross-selling and up-selling

Price and demand sensitivity analysis

Positioning and brand identity analysis

Customer loyalty optimisation