Public Sector

The economic crisis, the increase in demand and the consequent fiscal adjustment have led the public sector to a scenario of transformation in which research, digitalisation and innovation are the keys to meeting citizens’ new needs. 

Public entities have needs and work methods that are different from those of any other sector. At Kale we help public organisations to optimise their communication channels by focusing our efforts on providing better experiences for citizens. 

Through active listening, market research, identification of insights and data analysis, we support public entities on their path towards digitisation and strategic innovation. 

What can we do for you? 

Market research

Listening to the voice of the citizen (VoC)

Tailored segmentation models

Predictive analytics

User experience optimisation in digital and/or physical environment

Customer Analytics: Identification of insights and in-depth knowledge of the citizen

Optimisation of communication channels and touch points

Strategic plans and implementation of digitalisation strategies

Data visualisation and storytelling

Action drivers